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Discover assessmentQ: the most versatile and
reliable SaaS platform for assessments & trainings that matter

Multiple question types



Easy integrations

Insightful reporting


digitaal examineren en oefenen met assessmentQ

Discover assessmentQ, the new standard in
digital assessment and interactive practice

digitaal examineren en oefenen met assessmentQ

Multiple question types



Open for integration

Insightful reporting



assessmentQ as an assessment platform

  • For both small-scale and mass-entry exams
  • Use the platform online, offline or as a hybrid
  • Incorporate digital invigilation, on site or remotely

assessmentQ as a practice platform

  • Make knowledge acquisition measurable
  • Update exercises superfast
  • Evaluate the knowledge gained

They rely on assessmentQ

Why choose assessmentQ?

Create questions the way you want

Using the versatile assessmentQ ‘item bank’ you can easily create tests on any content with a very wide range of question types. That lets you bring variety to your tests and exercises. And our smart algorithms provide automatic feedback.

  • Engage with dozens of question types (covering maths, languages, etc.)
  • Switch between closed and open questions, with automatic and/or manual correction
  • Create ‘rich’ exams or exercises with text, audio, video, files, etc.
  • Use the smart feedback algorithms on different levels
  • Avoid duplicating work thanks to the user-friendly autosave function

Advanced options

Would you prefer to use specific scoring mechanisms? Turn a question into another type of question quickly and easily? Integrate audio or video recordings more than an hour long? It’s all possible, because where other platforms stop, assessmentQ keeps on going.

Heldere rapportage voor analyse achteraf.

Clear reporting

Choosing a testing platform also means choosing easy insight into results. With assessmentQ, you have all the options for advanced reporting.

assessmentQ reports not only give you scores, but also clear insights into the knowledge of individuals, groups and the effectiveness of the assignments. And if you like, you can also easily send the data to other platforms.

Safe and respectful of your privacy

Secure your tests with the ‘Safe Exam Browser’ or examine remotely with digital invigilation. This allows you to run reliable tests anywhere, any time. Of course, assessmentQ has excellent security and respects GDPR rules.

Compatibel met Safe Exam Browser
Tijdelijke onderbrekingen van het wifi-signaal vormen geen probleem voor assessmentQ

Online, offline or hybrid

A flaky internet connection? No problem. assessmentQ catches temporary interruptions without the user noticing and without losing any information. We even have a solution for fully offline environments.

An open ecosystem

assessmentQ can easily be integrated into your existing system, whether it is a CRM, LMS, HR system or yet another platform. Using a ‘Single-Sign-On’, LTI-integration or an extensive API, almost any integration is possible.

assessmentQ integrates easily in other platforms via API

What makes assessmentQ so special?

For examination centers
Generate exam variants quickly and automatically

For the care sector
Library including more than 80 customisable practice modules

For businesses
Simple consolidation of knowledge
and knowledge measurement

For education
Use unique question types and receive instant reports

For language and interpreter training
Record video and audio effortlessly

Digitaal oefenplatform voor leerlingen en studenten.

For publishers
Offer exams with the exercises
and use the extended API


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