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E-Book: How to organise secure digital exams

E-Book: How to organise secure digital exams

6 tips & tricks any organisation can apply

The higher the stakes, the bigger the payoff – and that also goes for digital exams and certifications. Bold, crafty candidates are not afraid to pull out all the stops when it comes to passing a digital exam that is central to their future careers. That said, there are effective and emerging strategies at your disposal that you can employ to combat even the most creative fraudsters.

It’s a fact: no matter how many measures you employ, how watertight your digital exam platform security is or how well-trained your personnel are, certification test and entrance exam takers will throw themselves into outsmarting your organisation. Preparation is the key to ensuring the veracity of the certifications or exam results you offer – and upholding your organisation’s reputation.

  • Are you familiar with the four core activities involved in digital exam security?
  • Do you know where your platform’s weak points are?
  • How candidate-friendly is your user experience?
  • Are the measures you currently have in place appropriate for your unique context?


What will you learn in this E-Book?

  • 6 approaches to combat digital exam fraud
  • Concrete steps to apply these approaches
  • Tips on how to tweak our approaches to suit your context
  • Insights into the future of exam security
  • Information on what not to do
  • …and much more!
E-Book: How to organise secure digital exams

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