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What’s new in assessmentQ 2024.04?

assessmentQ version 2024.04 introduces numerous new features to further enhance the user experience, and working in an international context. Find out what assessmentQ 2024.04 has in store for you!

Bonjour, Paris! Televic Education opens Paris office

Use of assessmentQ is growing fast. That’s why Televic Education has opened a new sales office in Paris. This strategic step is an important milestone in the assessmentQ testing platform’s international expansion.

assessmentQ makes waves at the 2024 EdTech Awards

assessmentQ is making waves in the EdTech world! Our innovative end-to-end exam platform recently garnered recognition as a finalist in not one, but two categories at the prestigious 2024 EdTech Awards.

Can digital exams be used for any subject?

The possibilities of digital exams continue to increase. Will we eventually use digital exams for everything? For example, how do you digitize oral exams? And is it even necessary? We asked e-assessment experts Tom Huiskamp (IBEX), Filip Vanlerberghe (Televic Education) and Bert Wylin (Televic Education).

How to use rubrics when scoring a digital exam?

How to use rubrics when scoring a digital exam? How do you ensure maximum consistency and fairness when grading an exam? It’s a long-standing yet relevant question, in particular when an exam makes heavy use of open questions, or when the exam is mostly oral. Is there a way to guarantee maximum objectivity and transparencyRead More »How to use rubrics when scoring a digital exam?

assessmentQ boosts user experience with a fresh menu structure

With the latest upgrade to the assessmentQ exam platform comes a compelling overhaul of the platform’s user interface and menu structure. This new design introduces a new level of simplicity and effectiveness, intended to bring a more streamlined and pleasant experience to assessmentQ users.

What’s new in assessmentQ 2024.01?

assessmentQ version 2024.01 introduces new features to further enhance the assessment process, insights and user experience. Check out the highlights and explore what assessmentQ 2024.01 has in store for you!

What’s new in assessmentQ 2.15?

assessmentQ version 2.15 introduces new features to further enhance the assessment process, insights and user experience. Check out the highlights and explore what assessmentQ 2.15 has in store for you!

2023 wrapped

With the new year looming on the horizon, we’d like to look back on 2023 one last time with a summary of assessmentQ’s most important milestones and achievements.

Televic Education and The Learning Hub intensify collaboration

Digital learning and testing are continuing to evolve at lightning speed. This is why the learning and EdTech experts at The Learning Hub and Televic Education have decided to work together more closely.

What’s new in assessmentQ 2.14?

assessmentQ 2.14 is out now! The latest version once again includes several innovations, such as a new item type ‘dropdown on background’, bulk actions, improved reporting, and many things more.

The power of learning and evaluation

During our most recent ‘Customer Experience’ event, we had the pleasure of welcoming the cognitive psychologist Professor Wouter Duyck as a guest speaker. He blew everyone away with his insightful presentation on ‘the power of learning and evaluation’.

How secure and reliable are digital exams?

Are digital exams safe? And do they produce trustworthy results? Yes and yes again, say R&D manager Yoeri Deschrijver and e-assessment expert Bert Wylin.

What’s new in assessmentQ 2.13?

There is a new version of assessmentQ and it comes with several smart new features! From a significantly improved user portal to new, interactive question types: there’s a lot to discover. Check out the highlights and explore what assessmentQ 2.13 has in store for you!

What’s new in assessmentQ 2.12?

assessmentQ 2.11 once again introduces a host of improvements and novelties, including new item types such as “drag & drop image on background” and “crossword puzzle”.

assessmentQ boosted with a hefty dose of artificial intelligence

The latest release of assessmentQ unpacks a striking new feature. Thanks to the AI-driven ‘distractor generator’, test authors can now quickly generate answer options for multiple choice questions.

What’s new in assessmentQ 2.11?

assessmentQ 2.11 once again introduces a host of improvements and novelties, including two absolute eye-catchers: ‘multi-stage adaptivity’ and AI-based ‘automatic distractor generation’.

Combined technology by Televic and RefAssist evaluates referees more efficiently

It is not easy for sports federations to track their referees’ knowledge level efficiently on an ongoing basis. This has led Belgian tech pioneers Televic and RefAssist deciding to develop a combined solution that offers a smart response to this challenge.

How to get clear insights from your exam reports in assessmentQ?

One of the biggest advantages of taking digital exams with assessmentQ? As a tutor or examiner you see detailed results immediately afterwards. What information you can glean from these reports and what you can do with it?

Generate variants of the same test quickly and easily with ‘on the fly’ assignments

You have created an exercise or test and you want to have it in several versions. But that is going to take a lot of manual work. Sound familiar? Then we have good news: the new ‘on the fly’ function in assessmentQ generates these versions for you automatically!

Organising interpreting exams digitally: how does it work?

Using the digital test platform assessmentQ you can now organise your interpreting exams digitally. Discover the great potential of the interpreting module!

What’s new in assessmentQ 2.10?

Mid-February we released assessmentQ 2.10. This new version brings clever innovations that will further enhance your digital exams workflow.

What’s new in assessmentQ 2.9?

A few days before Christmas we released assessmentQ 2.9. As always, this new version introduces several innovations that will further enhance your digital exams workflow.

What’s new in assessmentQ 2.8?

Mid-October we released version 2.8 of assessmentQ. This latest version once again introduces several innovations that will further enhance your digital exams and assessments.

More than multiple choice: all question types at a glance

Exams usually make use of several question types. This overview will help you to choose the most appropriate question type for each question.

What are the main advantages of e-assessment?

What is e-assessment exactly, and how could your organization benefit from it? Let’s have a closer look.

Televic launches free trial version of assessmentQ

Televic Education has released a free trial version of its popular exam platform assessmentQ. With this initiative, Televic wants to lower the threshold for companies and organizations who wish to get acquainted with e-assessment technology.

What’s new in assessmentQ 2.7?

Mid-July, we launched version 2.7 of assessmentQ. As always, this latest update is packed with novelties that will further enhance the efficiency and user experience of your e-assessments.

Digital exams for a large group? With assessmentQ’s scalability you’re in safe hands

Anyone wanting to conduct mass-entry exams can do this perfectly online. assessmentQ offers a scalable platform that can cope with even the largest groups.

Checklist: how ready are you for the switch to digital exams?

Considering switching from paper-and-pencil to digital exams? Use this handy checklist to prepare for the switch.

How digital assessments help measure learning gains

Being able to measure learning gains objectively is high on every educational agenda – even more so now that remote or blended learning is increasingly common in addition to traditional teaching.

Evaluating multiple-choice tests: a look at 4 scoring mechanisms

There are various ways of evaluating multiple-choice tests or exams. How do you choose the best system for your evaluation? We look at the 4 most popular scoring mechanisms for multiple-choice tests.

Get rid of paper exams with assessmentQ’s ‘canvas item’

Digital exams have been around for more than 15 years. But for all these years, there was 1 problem that neither assessmentQ nor any other e-assessment platform could properly solve: writing on your PC like you write on a piece of paper.

Digital exams for beginners: a step-by-step guide

A growing number of educational institutions are switching to digital exams because of the convenience – and the many other advantages – that this format offers. But how do you ensure that everything goes seamlessly? Use our handy step-by-step guide to get started.

assessmentQ not vulnerable to the log4j security issue

The assessmentQ platform is based on .NET and it does not use the Apache log4j library whose vulnerability (CVE-2021-44228, CVE-2021-45046) has been in the news recently.

Taking oral exams online: pitfalls and opportunities explained

What are the benefits when face-to-face assessments are conducted purely digitally? And surely there must be some pitfalls to avoid. Bert Wylin, exam expert and researcher at the University of Leuven, has a wealth of knowledge to share about digital oral exams.


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