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Televic launches free trial version of assessmentQ

Televic launches free trial version of assessmentQ,
making e-assessment accessible to everyone

Televic Education has released a free trial version of its popular exam platform assessmentQ. With this initiative, Televic wants to lower the threshold for companies and organizations who wish to get acquainted with e-assessment technology. The trial is available for 30 days and gives interested organizations a sneak peek of the powerful capabilities of an advanced e-assessment platform.

In recent years, assessmentQ has rapidly evolved to an end-to-end assessment platform that is renowned for its versatility and reliability. It has become the preferred exam solution for a variety of small and large customers around the globe, ranging from educational institutions and publishers, to dedicated exam centres and healthcare providers. Every year, the platform is used for more than 10 million online tests and exams.

Accessible to everyone without obligation

“By offering this trial version of assessmentQ, we want to make e-assessment accessible to everyone who is considering the switch from paper to online exams, or who is already working online but is looking for an alternative for their current solution,” explains General Manager Joris Vanholme. “It will allow users to explore assessmentQ and its many possibilities at their own pace without any obligation.

Guided tours

Users of the free trial have access to all major features of the assessmentQ platform. They can experiment with more than 20 question types, manual grading, automated scoring, advanced reporting, and many things more. To speed up the learning curve, Televic has foreseen guided tours, an explainer video and lots of educational content. And if this is not enough, the company’s Customer Success Team is standby to help organizations make the most of their trial journey.

Televic launches free trial version of assessmentQ

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