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assessmentQ 2023 wrapped

2023 wrapped

With the new year looming on the horizon, we’d like to look back on 2023 one last time with a summary of assessmentQ’s most important milestones and achievements. Here’s a rundown of some of the most important facts and figures that defined our year.

5 product releases

To adapt to evolving technology and user needs, assessmentQ introduced 5 major product releases throughout the year. These updates aimed at enhancing efficiency, improving the user experience and accessibility, integrating clever AI innovations, and many things more.

69 new features

assessmentQ rolled out 69 new features in 2023, ranging from smaller edits to impactful innovations. As such, our team once again demonstrated its drive for continuous improvement.
Some notable new features include:

  • AI-based distractor generation for multiple-choice questions
  • 4 different ‘drag and drop’ item types
  • Adaptive assignments
  • Advanced, customisable user reports
  • New accessible, responsive participant portal
  • New notification center
  • New Computer Algebra System

> 1 million users

Throughout the year, assessmentQ has passed the benchmark of 1 million users, reflecting its widespread adoption in diverse sectors such as exam centers, corporations, schools, and healthcare institutes around the globe.

12 million sessions

assessmentQ hosted more than 12 million exam sessions spread over the year, with an absolute peak of nearly 2 million sessions in the month of December. Impressive figures which illustrate assessmentQ’s scalability and employability for both large and smaller exams.

175 countries (and counting)

The assessmentQ platform has expanded its user base to 175 countries, spread over almost all continents and time zones. Plans for further international expansion are on the horizon, turning assessmentQ into a truly ‘global’ solution.

And one more thing…

2023 was also the year of the first AI-based productivity boost in the assessmentQ platform. Several innovative additions helped users to be even more efficient than before (e.g. by boosting the item creation process).

In short, assessmentQ reached several significant milestones last year. This only raises the bar for the years to come. 2024 is certain to bring more exciting innovations!

assessmentQ 2023 wrapped

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