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assessmentQ for referee evaluation

Combined technology by Televic and RefAssist evaluates referees more efficiently

It is not easy for sports federations to track their referees’ knowledge level efficiently on an ongoing basis. This has led Belgian tech pioneers Televic and RefAssist deciding to develop a combined solution that offers a smart response to this challenge.

A rock-solid combo

In recent years, RefAssist has built up a rock-solid reputation with its platform for managing, scheduling, communicating with and following up on referees. Televic, in turn, has developed a smart digital platform called ‘assessmentQ’ that can evaluate and increase knowledge both thoroughly and efficiently.

An integrated solution

Combining these two technologies has enabled the two companies to provide an innovative solution for various sports federations. In the case of RefAssist, they plan to use the insights collected by assessmentQ to boost the efficiency of their referee scheduling and follow-ups.

assessmentQ and RefAssist for referee evaluationGregory Delhougne, Business Development Manager at RefAssist, explains: ‘We see a clear need for a high-performance e-learning and e-assessment tool in our industry. Developing such a platform ourselves would be difficult and labour-intensive. After a thorough analysis and evaluation of the options available to us, we settled on assessmentQ. Televic’s platform offers everything our customers need in terms of online training. On top of that, the ability to exchange and collect data is crucial to the following up of referees on a daily basis.’

‘An innovative Belgian technology company that is a leader in its niche market, we have found a partner in RefAssist that shares the same ambitions as Televic. That made it logical for us to team up and develop a powerful digital solution that responds to a genuine need for our users’, according to Bart Sagaert, Sales Manager at Televic Education.

Pilot project underway

By pooling their strengths and experience, both RefAssist and Televic aim to further differentiate themselves within their respective niche markets. In the meantime, an initial pilot project is current underway within international football, with results expected in due course.

About RefAssist

“Improving referees around the world.” RefAssist’s vision is as simple as it is inspiring. Built on insights gained through a universal cloud-based platform, RefAssist provides a state-of-the-art software solution to the global sports industry. RefAssist not only integrates the management, communication and follow-up of referees and officials, but also developed the world’s best automated referee scheduling tool based on an innovative algorithm and multiple parameters.

About Televic

Televic Education is a world leader in developing smart solutions for training, assessment, certification, accreditation and collaboration in many different industries. Based on its years of know-how in educational technology, Televic has created assessmentQ: the most versatile platform for online practice and testing.


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