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How AI can help you build better exams

Artificial Intelligence in assessmentQ

Artificial Intelligence is revolutionizing education at an unseen pace. While there are legitimate concerns about the risks of plagiarism and fraud, AI also presents unseen opportunities to improve teaching, learning, and assessment.

The creation and administration of tests and exams stands out as an area where AI can make a big impact. assessmentQ is a pioneer in adopting AI technology. This has resulted in a range of smart AI-based features that can assist you in creating better tests and exams.

Experience the power of AI in assessmentQ

Automatic distractor generation

Say goodbye to manually creating distractors for your multiple-choice questions. assessmentQ’s ‘distractor generation’ feature automatically generates plausible distractors for your questions, saving you valuable time and effort. It ensures that your questions are challenging, engaging, and promote critical thinking among your participants.

  • Automatically create 5 distractors for your multiple-choice questions
  • Boost your creativity by means of AI
  • Work at least 50% faster

Conjugate verbs

Training verb conjugation has never been easier.  assessmentQ’s smart ‘Conjugate verb’ item type automatically detects all verbs in a text excerpt, replaces them by a gap and lets students fill these gaps with the right conjugation. Highly efficient and easy to evaluate a student’s grammar skills.

  • Automatically detect all verbs in a text
  • Easily test grammatical knowledge
  • Save precious time

Why you’ll love assessmentQ’s AI features


AI streamlines your exam creation process, allowing you to generate high-quality questions in a fraction of the time.


By automating complex tasks, AI frees up your valuable time, allowing you to focus on providing personalized instruction and support to your learners.


AI can assist and inspire you as you create or correct tests or exams, but as an examiner, you remain in full control, ensuring 100% security.


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Open a world of possibilities

Ai in digital exam platform assessmentQ

Get help when making multiple-choice questions.

Ai in digital exam platform assessmentQ

Also for complex subject matter, e.g. programming.

Ai in digital exam platform assessmentQ

Test ‘verb conjugation’ more efficiently.