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assessmentQ voor uitgevers

Online exams for educational publishers

Make digital practice & exams interactive and innovative

As an educational publisher, interactive digital content is an increasingly important part of your range. Traditional textbooks are often supplemented with online provision for digital practice and testing for students and learners. Thanks to the interactive assessmentQ assessment platform, it’s now easier and more efficient than ever.

Why assessmentQ software?

  • Use the platform standalone or integrated into your own workflow or learning platform.
  • Customise the user interface to suit your own needs or house style.
  • Take advantage of the latest innovations in digital exercises, including automatic feedback, advanced scoring options, etc.
  • Broad selection of specialist exercise types including summary, journal, result calculation, etc.
  • Smart reports give you insight into the position and progress of your users and allow you to optimise your training materials further.

They rely on assessmentQ

How does it work?

  • All in one platform: create, publish, test, report and certify questions and assignments. It can be that easy.
  • Straight to your browser: there’s nothing to install. Use the platform anywhere, even on your tablet or smartphone.
  • Intuitive: after a short period of training by our experts, you can start working straight away.
  • Accessible: we stay close to our customers and pride ourselves on personal support.

What exactly does assessmentQ include?

assessmentQ platform

  • Make practice and testing active and interactive
  • Choose the exercise content yourself or customise existing modules
  • Get real insights in the knowledge and skills of users

Clear reporting

assessmentQ guarantees you quick and easy insight into the results. The platform has many options for advanced reporting. The assessmentQ reports not only give you scores, but also clear insights into the effectiveness of the assignments. And if you like, you can also easily send the data to other platforms.

Heldere rapportage voor analyse achteraf.
Innovatief digitaal leren via e-mail.

Edumail: easy microlearning

  • Easy: a unique training formula via e-mail
  • Quick: let your users gain more knowledge in less time
  • Smart: the perfect addition to blended learning
  • Fun: Keep users motivated


  • Learn to get the most out of assessmentQ in our own Academy
  • A wide range of training courses for both new and experienced users
  • Also for specialist needs: if necessary, our experts will provide a tailor-made training course
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