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assessmentQ exam platform

Digital exam platform

Efficient, reliable and flexible online exams and assessments. That’s assessmentQ

  • A small group or many participants at once? Digital exams must be efficient, reliable and secure.
  • To measure specialist knowledge and skills, you need varied, rich questions and assignments.
  • Remote examination can also be handled perfectly: digital invigilation allows anyone to take exams securely from home.
  • People with disabilities can be given extra support.

They rely on assessmentQ

How does it work?

assessmentQ authoring

1. Prepare questions

  • Prepare your questions in the “item bank” and enrich them using media and metadata.
  • Use specific question types for economics, maths, languages arts, interpreting, or critical thinking.
  • Combine closed and open-ended questions to assess the actual level of knowledge.
  • Use built-in smart scoring options or build your own correction key.
  • Automatically create multiple exams of equal standard.
analysis in assessmentQ

2. Evaluate and analyse

  • Give users easy access to the platform. assessmentQ runs directly in your browser.
  • Integrate text to voice software, a calculator, higher contrast, or other support tools for candidates with disabilities.
  • Want extra security? Then use the built-in support for ‘Safe Exam Browser’ or digital invigilation (‘remote proctoring’).
  • Follow live remotely and intervene when necessary.
  • A flaky internet connection? No problem. assessmentQ handles temporary interruptions without losing results.
assessmentQ results

3. Process the results

  • Use smart correction mechanisms to do the corrections for you.
  • Correct questions manually when it can’t be done automatically: assessmentQ helps you be objective and consistent.
  • Exclude additional questions retrospectively using psychometric data.
  • Allow candidates to review their completed exam afterwards.
  • Forward the results to your own platform.
  • Learn from the insights that reporting offers
  • Automatically send certificates for accreditation or certification.

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What makes assessmentQ so special?

For examination centers
Generate exam variants quickly and automatically

For the care sector
Library including more than 80 customisable practice modules

For businesses
Simple consolidation of knowledge
and knowledge measurement

For education
Use unique question types and receive instant reports

For language and interpreter training
Record video and audio effortlessly

Digitaal oefenplatform voor leerlingen en studenten.

For publishers
Offer exams with the exercises
and use the extended API


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