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assessmentQ voor de zorg

Digital training & evaluation for the care sector

Make knowledge measurement & accreditation more efficient than ever

As a healthcare organisation, you also want a clear understanding of the level of knowledge of your employees as part of your accreditation process. Thanks to the interactive assessmentQ learning platform, this can now be done more efficiently than ever.

Why assessmentQ?

  • Gain insight into the knowledge level of your employees; motivate and reward them with certificates.
  • Let your staff practise in order to consolidate their knowledge and skills.
  • Build your own made to measure modules: nothing is as educational as situations you recognise as your own.
  • Measure the quality of your training and improve your offer permanentaly on the basis of objective user scores.
  • Use the platform standalone or integrated into your own workflow, learning platform, HR package or medical equipment.
  • Enjoy ready-to-use practice content for the care sector: convenient and time-saving.

They rely on assessmentQ

How does it work?

  • All in one platform: create, publish, test, report and certify questions and assignments. It can be that easy.
  • Straight to your browser: there’s nothing to install. Use the platform anywhere, even on your tablet or smartphone.
  • Intuitive: after a short period of training by our experts, you can start working straight away.
  • Accessible: we stay close to our customers and pride ourselves on personal support.

What exactly does assessmentQ include?

assessmentQ platform

  • Make knowledge acquisition measurable
  • Let your staff practice interactively to consolidate their knowledge and skills
  • Choose the learning content yourself or customise existing modules
  • Gain real insight into the knowledge and skills of your employees

EduQare content modules: specifically for the care sector

  • An extensive library of more than 80 ready-to-use practice and certification modules
  • Relevant topics for the care sector, including fire safety, evacuation, radiation protection, supplementary feeding, medication management, blood transfusion, aggression, vaccination, and more.
  • Richly illustrated and solidly based
  • Made by and for the care sector
  • You can add to, alter or make selections from the modules
  • Annually updated with new modules
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Leer om het maximum uit assessmentQ te halen in de Academy

EduQare community

  • Join the network for learning in the care sector
  • Get access to easy to use EduQare content modules
  • Collaborate on new content and specialist topics
  • Exchange experience and best practices with colleagues
  • Actively share with other care institutions

Edumail: simple microlearning

  • Easy: a unique practice module via e-mail
  • Quick: let your employees gain more knowledge in less time
  • Smart: the perfect complement to blended learning
  • Fun:keep participants motivated
Innovatief digitaal leren via e-mail.

Patient Education Point (PEP)

  • Make patient education simple and efficient
  • It increases patient engagement
  • Really user-friendly for the patient
  • Provide the right information about a procedure or admission at the right time
  • Collect feedback and get clear reports
  • Keep a report on patient participation in the EPD

Easy to integrate

  • Integrate with your existing HR or training system via LTI, API, etc.
  • Use certified connections (SD Worx, Cornerstone, E-PowerHr, AFAS software etc.)
assessmentQ integrates easily in other platforms via API
Televic launches free trial version of assessmentQ

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