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assessmentQ : le coup de foudre d’I.Cert

i.Cert blown away by assessmentQ

I.Cert, a French specialist in the certification of skills and product and service quality, carries out over 4,500 examinations per year, more than 90% of which are taken remotely. Thanks to assessmentQ, it can now offer exams that are flexible, accessible and tailored to the specific needs of each candidate. And it’s 100% secure!

An internal tool that had become obsolete

“In 2023, we decided to take the next step in our development by adopting a new skill assessment tool,” explains I.Cert’s CEO Juliette Jannot. “The software we were using internally had reached its limits and updating it had become complex.”

Our objectives? “To strengthen the security of our data in accordance with the GDPR, modernise the visual appearance and typology of exam questions and improve the customer experience. ”

assessmentQ : le coup de foudre d’I.Cert

About I.Cert

Since 2007, I.Cert, a subsidiary of the ITGA group, has established itself as a benchmark in France in the field of certification, primarily for property assessors and organisations that provide training.
With more than 70,000 examinations carried out for its 4,000 customers, I.Cert prides itself on complying with the applicable standards and regulations: “Our 29 employees ensure that every certification is fair and just,” says Juliette Jannot at

A complete, personalised platform

It was during this period that I.Cert enthusiastically embarked on a partnership with Televic Education. “After studying the market and consulting with several specialists, we were really blown away by assessmentQ, the company’s online platform for measuring, assessing and certifying knowledge and skills,” says Juliette Jannot.

“This innovative solution, designed to work both online and offline, offers some 30 question types, as well as a variety of smart and secure settings. In addition, the marking is automated, and it offers detailed reports that permit an in-depth analysis of the results and a comparison between the different types of exams.”

Juliette Janot - I.Cert“Televic were really transparent with us from the outset. I’m a big fan!”

Juliette Jannot, CEO at I.Cert

Optimal and inclusive user experience

Juliette Jannot also highlights the optimal and inclusive user experience assessmentQ offers. “All the tutorials are very clear and easy to follow. The exam creation interface makes it possible, as the design progresses, to visualise the finished exam as the candidates will see it. The interface is modern, dynamic and ergonomic, offering customisable features and a display adapted to each service.”

She also praises the solutions proposed by assessmentQ to encourage the inclusion of people with disabilities: “assessmentQ offers innovative features to take into account the disabilities our candidates may have, such as the allocation of additional time, the option to use interface themes in clear, dark or any contrast (for colour-blind people) and the use of audio to allow dyslexic candidates, for example, to take their exams in a suitable way. This reflects our own commitment to providing everyone with equal opportunities for success, regardless of their circumstances or differences.”

assessmentQ end-to-end platform“When we discovered assessmentQ’s many features, our eyes lit up!”

Juliette Jannot, CEO at I.Cert

Property assessment: a complex challenge

assessmentQ : le coup de foudre d’I.CertProperty assessment represents a complex challenge for I.Cert, as it requires both theoretical and practical evaluation. Juliette Jannot: “Unlike our old tool, which was limited to yes/no and multiple choice questions, assessmentQ allows us to create practical scenarios with videos and images.

Currently, we use multiple-choice questions, drag-and-drop, drop-down menus, and video functionality. We have not yet explored open-ended questions and oral questions due to the complexity of marking them. However, these sorts of questions could be considered in the future. ”

“Our goal is to create an exam experience that best simulates reality.”

Juliette Jannot, CEO at I.Cert

Smooth transition

Juliette Jannot also praises the valuable contribution of Televic Education when integrating the management tools used by I.Cert. She explains: “It took a bit of time to create the APIs, and we also had to integrate all of our exam questions. Fortunately, everything went smoothly. We stuck to the schedule, and in early January 2024, we managed to successfully switch from the old tool to assessmentQ. It’s a really great project that’s not over yet!”

“Throughout the process, we benefited from demonstrations, training and very constructive exchanges.”

Juliette Jannot, CEO at I.Cert

95% satisfaction rate

The CEO is pleased with the feedback from users, pointing out that despite the challenges related to the transition from the old tools to the new, this feedback was unanimously positive. “The switch has been very beneficial, with a current satisfaction rate of 95%. We now want to increase our business volume and optimise our processes by using the other features of assessmentQ. ”

Building on its success, I.Cert plans to expand the use of assessmentQ to other companies in the group. “We will start with the evaluation of employees of the group’s companies after each training course. This is a testament to our great confidence in and total satisfaction with Televic. ”

“The fruitful partnership with Televic Education has allowed us to optimise our assessment processes and offer high-quality exams.”

Juliette Jannot, CEO at I.Cert


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