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In a competitive knowledge society, it is important for your employees’ knowledge and skills to be constantly evaluated and updated. Thanks to the assessmentQ platform, this can now be more efficient than ever.

Why assessmentQ?

  • As a human resources or training manager, you expect an effective tool for evaluating and certifying your staff.
  • Pressed for time? You can still meet your employees’ training needs effective by using the motivating and interactive assessmentQ platform.
  • Let your staffpractice interactively to consolidate their knowledge and skills
  • Easy and reliable to integrate into existing platforms to provide learning and assessment pathways in an accessible way.
  • Smart reports give you insights into how your staff are progressing and allow you to organise training better.

They rely on assessmentQ

How does it work?

  • All in one platform:create, publish, test, report and certify questions and assignments. It can be that easy.
  • Straight to your browser: there’s nothing to install. Use the platform anywhere, even on your tablet or smartphone.
  • Intuitive: after a short period of training by our experts, you can start working straight away.
  • Accessible: we stay close to our customers and pride ourselves on personal support.

1. Create

2. Publish

3. Evaluate

4. Report

What exactly does assessmentQ include?

assessmentQ platform

  • Make knowledge acquisition measurable
  • Build your existing presentations or documentation quickly into interactive practice modules.
  • Choose the learning content yourself or customise existing modules
  • Gain real insight into the knowledge and skills of your employees

Edumail: simple microlearning

  • Easy: a unique exercise formula via e-mail
  • Fast: lets your employees gain more knowledge in less time
  • Smart: the perfect addition to blended learning
  • Fun:  Keep your employees motivated


  • Learn to get the most out of assessmentQ in our own Academy
  • A wide range of training courses for both new and experienced users
  • For specialist needs our experts will provide a tailor-made training course

Easy to integrate

  • Integrate with your HR or training system via LTI, API, etc.
  • Use certified connections (SD Worx, Cornerstone, E-PowerHr, AFAS software etc.)
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