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Entry exam for physicians, dentists & vets

assessmentQ first choice for high-stakes entrance exam in Belgium 


AHOVOKS (Agentschap voor Hoger Onderwijs, Volwassenenonderijs, Kwalificaties & Studietoelagen) is a Flemish government agency that, together with various educational partners, is committed to lifelong learning in Flanders.

Every summer, the Agency organises a central entrance exam for physicians, dentists and since 2023 also veterinarians. Based on this high-stakes exam, it is determined which students can start their training at one of the Flemish universities. For years, this test was organised in the traditional way on paper, but convinced of the advantages of digital examining, AHOVOKS decided in 2020 to switch to an online test. Since 2021 AHOVOKS has been using the assessmentQ platform of Televic Education for this purpose.

Project details

Due to the large scale and high stakes, AHOVOKS was primarily looking for a solid and scalable solution. After all, more than 4,000 candidates have to take their exams simultaneously at more than 70 locations, which places a heavy load on the platform and the infrastructure. Naturally, the solution also had to meet strict security requirements.

Convinced of the benefits

In the meantime, AHOVOKS is fully convinced of the advantages of digital exams. assessmentQ offers them an exam platform that effortlessly combines flexibility with security. This way, movements to large examination halls such as Flanders Expo or the Heysel are no longer necessary, and the exam can still be organised synchronously and Corona-securely. Moreover, each session is meticulously ‘logged’ so that disputes can be dealt with more easily afterwards. And finally, thanks to assessmentQ’s ‘smart’ correction options, correcting and analysing the results becomes a lot quicker and easier than before.


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