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NAATI chooses assessmentQ by Televic

National Accreditation Authority for Translators and Interpreters (NAATI)


The National Accreditation Authority for Translators and Interpreters Ltd (known as NAATI) is the national standards and accreditation body for translators and interpreters in Australia. The core focus of the company is issuing certification for practitioners who wish to work as translators and interpreters in Australia.

Project details

In Australia, the corona crisis caused major disruption to the organization of NAATI exams, which were typically carried out onsite and with traditional, low-tech tools. Access to physical examination centers became difficult or impossible, and the attendance of invigilators was problematic. That’s why NAATI quickly made a shift to remote translation and interpretation exams. To achieve this, they partnered with assessmentQ and ProctorExam.

assessmentQ to the rescue

By switching to the digital examination platform assessmentQ, NAATI has been able to transform and scale-up delivery of its exams and certification across Australia and neighbouring regions. NAATI tests for languages, translation, and interpreting can now be organized remotely in an efficient, secure, and “proctored” environment.

Unique features for the translation and interpretation market

Unique features for translation and interpretation - assessmentQ by TelevicNAATI benefits from some unique assessmentQ features, such as:

  • the possibility to test a candidate translator’s critical thinking skills by letting him identify, correct, and categorize errors in a translation;
  • the ability to deliver and grade simultaneous and consecutive interpreting tests 100% online in a secure environment, with many options to match specific use cases.

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Discover assessmentQ

assessmentQ is an advanced web-based platform that enables organizations to create, manage, deliver and track all sorts of online assessments. The assessmentQ platform is versatile and powerful, and can be deployed in environments that need to be controlled, such as examinations, or it can be used to deliver preexisting assessment content to candidates in remote locations.